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Welcome to the website of Newcastle psychiatrists, Drs Gaile and and Larry Brash.

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    Information about payment of fees, Medicare gaps, Safety Net payments. Fees will remain unchanged in 2017.

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Our office is situated at:

HB Rehab
147, Nelson St
Wallsend, NSW, 2284.

For details about finding our office: Click Here

Practice News, Frequently Asked Questions and recent website changes:

Up-dated 12/06/2017.

Dr Larry Brash's current status

Dr Larry Brash is significantly unwell and will not be returning to work in the near future. Current patients should see their general practitioner for prescriptions of their medications.

Dr Gaile Brash

Dr Gaile Brash continues to practice as a General Adult Psychiatrist and is taking referrals for adult female patients.

A proportion of her practice includes seeing children and teenagers as she has additional qualifications in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Gaile will also accept male and female patients on longer term psycho-stimulants who are transitioning from from paediatric to adult services for on-going treatment of ADHD (male and female).

How to find our office at HB Rehab, Wallsend

The new office is on the ground floor, with easy wheelchair access. Council parking areas are within 100 metres of the office.

Office hours

Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5pm.

SMS appointment reminders

We now have automated SMS appointment reminders, available, provided you consent to these being sent to you before your appointment.

Website changes

We have added distances and travel times to our office from various towns and suburbs HERE.

We have adjusted the layout of the navigation buttons at the top of each page, and the links at the bottom of each page, so the they easier to view on smaller screens, such as iPads and small laptops.

The website will be undergoing a major modernisation in the future.

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